Instant Care with the Zemplee Health skill for Alexa Smart Properties

Experience the new era of smart caregiving changing the lives of residents and senior living staff alike with Alexa Smart Properties and the Zemplee Health skill. Check in on all your Zemplee residents, on demand, with our voice-activated Alexa skill. 

Alexa Smart Properties has a brand new skill! Introducing Zemplee Health

Zemplee Health provides caregivers with instantaneous information like bed exits, bed checks, vitals, and activity. As an Alexa Smart Properties skill we are built to help the management and staff of large senior living properties.

Multiply Caregiver Capabilities

Provide The State of The Art in Care

On Demand Health Metrics & Updates

Zemplee Health for

Senior Living Facilities

Zemplee Health operates as a certified skill for Alexa Smart Properties. ASP manages large-scale deployment of Alexa devices, loaded with skills, across multi-room properties. Alexa devices promote social interaction and connection for residents. Facility Admin can track skill and usage of Echo devices in the Alexa Smart Properties console.

Zemplee Health, an Alexa skill, further connects caregivers to patients or residents by seamlessly providing vital information like the latest caregiver instructions. We also feature on-demand assistance by call for each room. Care staff save time with the ability to drop-in by call to each room's device.

Monitor Several Rooms at Once

Enhanced Safety and Digital Security

 In-depth Interactions about Resident Health 

Dozens of built-in Alexa skills

Seniors can make use of Alexa in their rooms to video call family members, get news briefings, and play music and games

Zemplee Health Keeps Your Residents and Your Caregivers Connected Over Care

Zemplee Health turns each senior's environment into an extension of their care team. Caregivers can get voice updates on residents' behaviors and health using Zemplee Health. They can quickly place a call to their residents for a check-in

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