Zemplee’s New Companion Alexa Skill for Senior Care/Home Care

September 16, 2022

It seems there’s an app for everything these days. Amazon’s virtual assistant technology, Alexa, helps millions of worldwide users set alarms and reminders, check the weather, listen to the news and music, and the list goes on. But, Alexa also has a new role in helping caregivers, attendants, and family members that use Zemplee leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to help them care for their loved ones.

How Zemplee’s New Alexa Skill Is Reimagining Elderly Care

Long-Term Care Facilities using Zemplee can soon have their Zemplee user enable the Zemplee Updates Alexa skill on their Alexa App (phone or web) to start getting important updates about residents. Family members of Zemplee residents can also enable the skill in the Alexa App so everyone can stay connected. 

Using voice-based interaction is increasingly used for senior care. Our Alexa skill, Zemplee Updates, allows caregivers to access information quickly and stay up do date on residents or patients. It also enables family members of residents or patients to have HIPPA-compliant access to their loved ones health, all in real-time! 

  • Increased efficiency in a caregiver setting: Caregivers have their hands full. With Zemplee’s new Alexa skill, you don’t have to worry about stopping what you’re doing, setting down what you’re holding, and leaving the room your loved one or person you are caring for is in to find out what the weather is, find a phone number, set an appointment, or hear a reminder. Instead, use your voice to ask Alexa whatever question you need the answer to without disrupting your flow or stopping what you’re doing.
  • Improved safety: When you use voice technology, you can keep your hands free and your attention focused on the person you are caring for, resulting in more focus and fewer accidents.
  • Reduced training time: Voice-directed tasks are much easier to interpret and follow, so companies that use this kind of technology save time and money on employee training.
  • Direct health updates: Zemplee’s new Alexa skill allows caregivers to receive direct health updates on seniors delivered securely through Alexa — no third-party or incorrectly writing information down to worry about. Zemplee’s Alexa skill allows people to ask questions in the following areas:
    • Zemplee Alert counts
    • Sleep Health duration and intensity information
    • Heart Rate information
    • Respiratory Rate information
    • Notices of Bed Exits (when a resident exits the bed and is unstable) 
  • Virtually connect family members: unfortunately, not all family members live close to one another, and it may make visiting their elderly family members hard or even impossible. Voice technology can connect family members virtually who are worlds apart.

Learn More About Zemplee Today

Zemplee exemplifies dignity and privacy through passive monitoring technology, including our new Alexa skill, that’s placed in the homes or rooms of the elderly. We improve the quality of life for older adults aging in place using our AI-powered sensors and devices. We track dining habits, medication intake, activity level, sleep patterns, and other vital details to simplify caregiving tasks and duties. 

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