February 19, 2021

New Online Caregiver Transformation Retreat


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Los Gatos, CA:  Zemplee, creator of aging-in-place technology announces the launch of Destination Caregiving – an online education portal that offers educational courses and therapy specially designed for family caregivers on the eve of National Caregivers Day 2021.

Family caregivers experience complex emotional as well as practical challenges and frequently labor alone, without the benefit of information, support and knowledge regarding this life role. The Covid-19 pandemic further exacerbates the issues family caregivers have to deal with, even as the world awaits relief from mass vaccinations.

Destination Caregiving aims to help family caregivers. The program is launching its first online educational offering in a 6-part virtual Caregiver Transformation Retreat.

The retreat is comprised of virtual classrooms and combines offerings from distinguished leaders Dr. Aaron Blight, founder of Caregiving Kinetics, Amanda LaRose, LCSW, C-ASWCM and founder of Virginia Oak Counseling, Dr. Zachary White, Associate Professor of Communication,  and caregiver, author and activist Donna Thomson.

The Caregiver Transformation Retreat will invite participants into an immersive experience that will give language and meaning to their caregiving lives. Participants will engage in expertly facilitated personal reflection and group sharing experiences. Participants will leave feeling comforted, enlightened and empowered to live and thrive well amid circumstances of complicated, ongoing uncertainty.

“We are excited about announcing the availability of our program today in honoring the services of millions of dedicated healthcare professionals who serve in long term or hospice care. We hope that our program’s holistic approach to learning, combined with active participant engagement will help participants better understand and respond to the life transition of caregiving in all of its complexities”, says White, who co-authored a book The Unexpected Journey of Caring: The Transformation from Loved One to Caregiver (Rowman & Littlefield, 2019) with Thomson

In addition to the interactive classroom experience, the program also incorporates counselling sessions for participants looking for a one-on-one and more personalized sessions.

“Counseling support for family caregivers helps individuals become more aware of the emotions they are experiencing, which encourages a better understanding of why the emotions are present and how to manage those emotions, so they don’t lead to further difficulties”, says Amanda LaRose.

“At Zemplee, we saw the need for creating an education platform to help our clients as they dealt with the daily challenges a family caregiver faces. Millions of caregivers go through the journey of caregiving unprepared. Providing education and support as part of our Zemplee’s product offering was an important part of the solution.  Destination Caregiving addresses this need”, says Aparna Pujar, founder and CEO of Zemplee.

The first of these courses will be offered starting May 3rd, 2021. For those interested in signing up, early registrations are open. For more information and to register, visit  destinationcaregiving.com

About Zemplee: We provide world-class advanced technology to help elderly age-in-place. Devices placed strategically in homes or living units in nursing homes help families, caregivers and provider track health, safety and well-being of elderly loved ones while keeping all stakeholders involved and engaged to improve quality of life and drive better health outcomes. For more information visit www.zemplee.com

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