Aging 2.0 Webinar: To be [In a nursing home] or not to be

October 27, 2020

This is a recording of a live event hosted by Aging 2.0, Los Gatos Chapter

In the midst of a global pandemic, the world’s highest at-risk population (and their families) are actively reevaluating choices on how and where they choose to age. Longstanding norms are being challenged by a new wave of considerations. As luxury amenities take a step back, practical and affordable solutions that promote over well being and emphasize longevity, come to the forefront as the most important factors when making a senior living decision.

Olesia Chikunova, founder and CEO of HomeWiP, a digital construction concierge is helping homeowners build their home equity through construction projects, from accessory dwelling units and aging in place modifications to major construction projects. She also produces and hosts a series of online events on How to Plan, Finance, Design and Build your Backyard Cottage (ADU), a unique way for Californian residents to support affordable housing and multi-generational living. 

Olesia started her career as a Sales Representative for Johnson and Johnson and moved up the ladder to Sales Supervisor and later to Group Brand Manager position. Her corporate background covers representing multinational manufacturers in marketing, project management and general management roles with P&L responsibilities.

She has led purchasing, sales, marketing, design and PR departments and was listed in Top 200 sales and marketing directors of Russian Federation (2004). As an intrapreneur, she was dabbing in E-commerce in 2000, opening Russian market for European manufacturers in 2002, dealing with private label production in China in 2006.

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