Too Busy for a Grocery Run? Stave Off Starvation with a Favor!

June 27, 2019

Swamped with work? Too busy minding the kids? Feeling under the weather or just too exhausted to get out? If you are indisposed or unable to make a grocery run for whatever reason, then fret not. You don’t have to go foodless for a seemingly unending stretch… and your friends or loved ones won’t have to find you mummified in some dark corner. There’s still hope for you! You can… ask a favor and stave off starvation!

Too tired to go on a grocery run? There’s still hope!

Joking aside, if you’re in a tight spot or just short on cash, why not ask a friend to do a grocery run for you?

It can be a housemate or flatmate, a colleague at work, a family member or a buddy. Even an acquaintance or even a total stranger willing to help, an almost literal Good Samaritan. If they’re out doing a grocery run themselves and can spare the time, effort and dough, they can totally grab some goodies for you along the way and drop it off at your location!

On the other hand, if you know someone who’s indisposed then you can be their lifesaver! The bringer of food!

Grocery Run in Action!

It’s even better when the grocery store in question’s having a sale! Both of you can save especially with bulk purchases. With enough planning you can get the most out grocery shopping, reducing expenses and waste for everyone involved!

Another positive thing about this is if the favor’s done by someone physically close by – like a housemate, neighbor or work buddy – then you’re also cutting down on the potential carbon emissions because you yourself won’t have to drive to the store. Especially if all you were just planning to get was just some fast food or a latte.

And, of course, this isn’t just useful for those feeling under the weather. It’s great for those who have chronic mobility issues. Like senior citizens, those with disabilities, even people with mental health conditions that prevent them from going out to do the groceries, especially if the nearby stores aren’t designed to accommodate their needs. All of ’em could use a helping hand because, unfortunately, ableism is still a thing even in this day and age.

Be sure to come to an agreement on how to repay your Good Samaritan. You can pay them in cash or return the favor, at the moment of delivery or some time later.

That’s what you call healthy living!

If you’re not counting payments down to the penny, you can even pay them back by doing a grocery run for them the next time around when you’re no longer busy or indisposed!

Try it! Take turns Bringing Home the Bacon and make life easier with reciprocity! Write down the shopping lists ahead of time. You can even upgrade this process and include others, creating a Grocery Run Group where each member takes turns doing the runs! This can foster a sense of community, solidarity and cooperation in a workplace or a shared flat! Plus… nobody goes hungry! It’s a total win-win!

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