The Smarter Home Care Solution

Powered by Zemplee is a different type of home care service. We offer a safer home care setting for our clients who prefer to age in place.

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What Is

The Smarter Home Care Solution

First and foremost, The Smarter Home Care Solution is a home care service that remembers what matters most, your loved ones.

With The Smarter Home Care Solution, registered nurses are the primary caregivers for your loved one. Thanks to Zemplee, the caregivers are just moments away and ready to take action. They receive data regarding your loved one’s health, which they can then analyze to identify potential health conditions that could lead to adverse events such as falls and UTIs.

The Smarter Home Care Solution Services

The Smarter Home Care Solution offers a variety of services, each designed to ensure the health of your loved one and offer you peace of mind.

24 x 7 Tech Platform

  • Active around the clock
  • Notifies caregivers in urgent safety situations
  • Passive, hands-off for the clients

Trained & Skilled Caregivers

  • Registered nurses are primary caregivers for every client
  • First point of contact to address alerts
  • Data analyzed to identify potential health conditions that could lead to adverse events (falls and UTI’s)

Easy Access & Communication

  • Caregiver is moments away from client via Zemplee technology platform
  • Loved ones stay informed and connected
  • Urgent situations are quickly resolved

Efficient Home Care Alternative

  • Lower cost than traditional home care
  • Care is preventive and prospective
  • Leverages Technological efficiencies

How It Works

Zemplee uses incredibly smart sensors to respect your privacy and keep you safe. Using our proprietary systems, combined with the data from those sensors, we create a behavioral baseline of your loved one in the first month. After this month, our system understands the daily actions and monitors for health and safety factors such as, lighting, eating, restroom use, and others. When concerning events occur in your loved ones behavior Zemplee alerts whomever you choose - you, a caregiver or a physician.

What Makes TSHCS Different?

The Smarter Home Care Solution

Traditional Home Care

24 x 7 Presence

Peace of Mind

Maintain Privacy & Dignity

RN Oversight and Engagement

Care Reminders

24 x 7 Urgent Event Notification

Voice Activated Call for Help

Medical Vital Signs

Health & Safety Analysis

Overnight Fall Prevention

Passive Safety Monitoring

Real Time Communication

Entertainment & Engagement

Loved One Audio & Video

RN Video Session

Elopement Detection & Alerts



The Woman Behind

The Smarter Home Care Solution

Born and raised in the heartland of American, Karen Schmidt grew up in Kansas under the loving care of her parents, who installed in her the value of compassion, hard work, and dedication. Her upbringing was greatly influenced by the medical field, as her mother worked as a Registered Nurse (RN) and her father was a healthcare administrator and owner of an elder care facility. Following in her parents' footsteps, she pursued a career in nursing.

However, life took an unexpected turn when her aging parents began to face challenges in caring for themselves, particularly as they lived in a different state. Concerned about their well-being, Karen made the decision to relocate and oversee their care personally. This experience opened her eyes to the struggles many families face when trying to ensure the safety and comfort of their elderly loved ones from a distance.

After her parents passed away, She was left with a profound sense of purpose and a burning desire to help others navigate similar situations with greater ease and peace of mind.

The Smarter Home Care Solution

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please reach out using one of the following methods of contact:

Karen Schmidt, BSN, RN, CCM



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