3 Reasons to Use Remote Monitoring Instead of In-Home Care

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According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, approximately 70 percent of adults who survive to age 65 will need some sort of long-term service or support. There are three important reasons why you would want to consider remote monitoring instead of in-home care.

Remote Monitoring Can Improve Mental & Physical Health

Most people will choose to remain at home for as long as possible when they age if they have the option to do so. Many individuals will stay more physically active and mentally alert when they remain in familiar surroundings. Remote monitoring will enable individuals to age in place for as long as possible.

Remote Monitoring Provides More Healthcare Options

Using advancing technology, individuals now have access to a variety of healthcare options from the comfort of their homes. Instead of traveling to doctors’ appointments, remote monitoring can provide basic care such as blood pressure monitoring and access to medical professionals should questions arise. A quality in-home monitoring system can also provide families with real-time information and data regarding their loved one’s health status.

Medicare Doesn’t Cover Many In-Home Options

Remote monitoring can dramatically reduce a person’s healthcare costs. Using technology is cheaper than paying for either a live-in caregiver or sending loved ones to a long-term care facility. While Medicare may cover some in-home expenses in some situations, there are often many stipulations. Medicare will not cover most non-medical care and assistance.

How can Zemplee Help?

Zemplee provides remote monitoring with an advanced technological system that can keep individuals safe while living at home. Using artificial intelligence, smart sensors can track movement and monitor an individual’s daily activities. We can provide care for everything from verifying medication intake to tracking sleep and activity levels. There are times when a person needs more extensive care, but it’s not always necessary when using remote monitoring. Contact Zemplee to schedule a demo today.

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